Top Crypto Charts and Data 


Stock-to-Flow Model  Bitcoin as being comparable to commodities 

Pi Cycle Top Indicator Good prediction of cycle top

The Puell Multiple Value of mined Bitcoin entering the market

2-Year MA Multiplier Long term moving average

The Golden Ratio Multiplier Long term timeframe to find market top

Bitcoin Balances on Exchanges Amount of Bitcoin on exchanges


Glassnode Bitcoin Active Addresses - High activity can mean a top in market


ALT FINS Dashboard - Data for potential breakout/breakdown coins


ALTCOIN Season Chart - Data on if we are in Altcoin Season

MARKET CAP BTC DOMINANCE - Another Altcoin Season indicator


(MVRV)Market Value to Realised Value chart for Bitcoin - start taking profits at 3.0


BTC Aggregated Open Interest Chart- to help find a bottom of sell-off


Krown Tading Global Open Interest Chart - to help find a bottom of sell-off







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